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What is Reportivity


Reportivity is a multi-property, multi-user & multi-currency extremely flexible reporting tool. Just upload your hotel data and Reportivity will do the job.

Understanding the data of your business/hotel is an essential factor in the decision making process. Reportivity will do the number crunching and show you the key performance indicators in a dynamic report.

We offer you a totally FREE Overview Report where all you have to do is upload your data and then Reportivity will show you in a dynamic report your overall performance for the requested period compared to last year's performance.

If you choose the paying plan Reportivity will capture automatically your data once a day. On top of the Overview Report Reportivity gives you access to another very useful report: Benchmarking Report which gives you a snapshot of your competitors packages & rates for the requested period with just ONE-CLICK

Furthermore with the paying plan Reportivity grants you access to your accounting transactions for a desired period with the Accounting Report*
*Available ONLY for PROTEL PMS on premise in France.

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Your Guide

Step -1-

Join Reportivity

Create your account by filling the Sign up form. Your LinkedIn username is for validation. We will activate your account and send you an email to confirm your account activation. Use your credentials to Log in

Sign up
Step -2-

Create your Environement

If you are on the FREE plan you can register up to 4 hotels by filling the Register hotel form; If you exceed the 4 hotels limit you will be notified to delete an existing hotel.

Step -3-

Download Template

If you are on the FREE plan you will need to download the 'report_overview_template.xlsx' and fill it. If you are on the paying plan, Reportivity will handle all data uploads and updates automatically.

Step -4-

Upload your Data

Once your data file is ready as per the downloaded template, you will click on the UPLOAD HOTEL DATA from the left menu and your data will be securely saved and ready to be used for the Overview Report.

Step -5-

Get Your Report

The FREE plan gives you access to only the Overview Report that you have to click on it. Enter the required dates and select the desired hotel then press the Submit Button.


Update/Delete Hotel

You can Update the info of any of your hotels or delete any hotel by clicking on the UPDATE/DELETE HOTEL from the left menu and then selecting the hotel from dropdown list. Please be aware that deleting a hotel will delete all related data. The highlighted fields are required while the rest of the fields are optional, therefore can be left blank.

-Reports Manual-

Customize your Report

Click on the Field Chooser in the top left corner of the report and a window will popup with "All Fields" on the left section containing all the fields arranged in folders: data, dates & dimensions that you can access. On the right side the "Row Fields" and "Column Fields" are your tool to arrange your report by dragging the desired fields from the "All Fields" to the "Row Fields" or "Column Fields". Therefore you can visualize your data by segment & by country per type per month for example.
1. The "Enable State Storing" switch is to save the selected filter for further use
2. The "Show Fields Panel" allows you to visualize the fields headers of your filter
3. The "Reset the Table's State" allows resetting the filter to the initial state

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